The Philosophy Behind our Brand

20 APRIL 2023
Author: José Caireta, Founder & Managing Partner, Squircle Capital

Squircle Capital has grown to become an established and innovative pan-European private equity firm with a demonstrable track record of transforming assets through exceptional vision and purposeful management.

Squircle Capital

While many firms have the technical ability to do deals, very few can operate and transform assets in their portfolio with Squircle Capital’s level of ambition and vision. Our existing portfolio and investment history demonstrates our ability to build real value over time for all stakeholders. We have a clear belief that private equity firms should leave a positive legacy and not only focus on delivering returns for investors.

This approach inherently requires a long-term outlook and sustainable approach when investing in and managing assets, recognising the importance of being a committed custodian.

Our brand launch reflects all this and more. It also provides a fresh image for Squircle Capital to showcase as we start to tell our story – built up over more than a decade – to the wider world. Like everything we do at Squircle Capital, we have taken great care in the details, leaving no stone unturned.

The Squircle Capital story

Our name starts our story. When I founded the company in 2012, I wanted to create a brand that reflected a differentiated approach to private equity. A long-term friend of mine with experience in building brands commented on how I identified opportunities that were not obvious to most. He described it as an ability to ‘round squares’ and think out of the box.

This sparked the idea behind Squircle Capital.

As the name suggests, we are not a regular private equity firm – we transform assets to leave a positive societal impact and look beyond financial returns.

Our brand launch includes a new tagline for Squircle Capital, which speaks to both our institutional and compliant approach to investment and our promise to make a real difference in ways others can’t or won’t.

Structured investment
Impactful transformation

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