As the private markets reopen, it’s not financial levers that will generate impactful returns

17 April 2024
John C.R. Nery, Managing Director and Head of Investments, Squircle Capital

As the private markets reopen and interest in deal-making picks up, what lessons can we learn from the downturn of recent years? In his latest piece for Private Equity Wire, our Managing Director and Head of Investments, John C.R. Nery explores the positive trend that has developed within private equity to cope with uncertain markets: supporting portfolio growth post-deal through value creation.        

John C.R. Nery | Squircle Capital

Focusing exclusively on financial levers isn’t the only way to generate impactful returns. In a difficult market, focus has shifted to maximising the value of investments through long term asset transformation, particularly within Luxury Real Estate.

As we enter an era of renewed optimism across the European private equity sector, John argues these valuable lessons should be remembered, and the positive shift towards value creation prolonged.

Structured investment
Impactful transformation

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